Brand Statement

Our brand aims to appease the consumer demands of exceptional quality, powerful and flavor ridden beverage. Specially crafted for those who lead active and intense lifestyles like Athletes, sports players, performers, students, executives and people on the go.

Created with a progressive formula that is packed with revitalizing ingredients, Treme-X delivers a burst of instant energy and focus. Treme-X can be used any time of the day for an immediate pick me up or can be taken before a training session to enhance your workout.


We at Treme-X believe that success equals quality. Our vision is to offer quality and value to our consumers and provide safe and wholesome products. In the long term we aim to deliver a wide range of products that allows the consumer to balance great taste and nourishment.

The focus is on great financial performance and strategy while creating a solid brand image.

Where We Started

Our brand was born in January 2018

The Plan:

To create a brand with affordable prices and best quality of ingredients, great taste and a powerful look.

Treme - X

Energy Drink

500 ml

330 ml

Treme-X Energy drink – Your Power is a refreshing and energizing drink for sports and partying. It supplies body and mind with long-lasting energy.

The non-alcoholic energy drink is made in Germany and halal!


2300 (33 cl)
1550 (50 cl)

Cans per Carton
24 X 33 cl
24 X 50 cl